Monday, June 29, 2009

Star Wars LEGO Sets

Star Wars LEGO Sets took over the spot as most popular LEGO themes almost as soon as they were released in the late 90's. Many people who had lost enthusiasm for LEGO systems over the years were brought back by the release of the the Star Wars LEGO theme based on the very popular movie.

Today, Star Wars LEGO sets enjoy unprecedented success out-selling every other LEGO theme handily. The LEGO Group has done a very good job with Star Wars LEGOs, creating a system of LEGO Sets that LEGO lovers and Star Wars lovers alike can enjoy and talk about for many years to come.

Pirate LEGO Sets

Pirate LEGO Sets first came along in 1989 and were the first LEGO Sets to include LEGO Minifigures with actual expressions on their faces. Pirate LEGOs included ships, treasure chests, boats and island builds.

LEGO collectors around the world know that some of the more rare LEGOs are Pirate LEGO Sets. Discontinued, vintage Pirate LEGOs can sell for as much as $500!

The LEGO Group has released different style Pirate LEGOs from sets with a French theme to sets with a Spanish theme. In 1997 LEGO actually stopped making Pirate LEGO systems much to the chagrin of LEGO fans everywhere. in 2001, the LEGO Group again made Pirate LEGO Sets based on previous versions.

Castle LEGO Sets

Castle LEGO Sets always take me back to my childhood. Castle LEGOs were probably the most popular theme for LEGO sets in the late 80's, early 90's other than perhaps the Pirate LEGO Sets. Castle LEGOs included some of the more imaginative LEGO minifigures with plenty of accessories. With swords, shields, flags and even horses, Castle LEGO sets set a new standard for playability and imagination.

Many Castle LEGO sets are discontinued and worth mega-bucks. These Castle LEGOs are considered "vintage" and a set that is found in the box from the early 90's can net some serious money on eBay.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Harry Potter LEGO Sets

Harry Potter LEGO Sets are based on the very popular series of Harry Potter books. These books have many scenes that are ingrained in the mind of readers around the world and LEGO has created Harry Potter LEGO sets that recreate these scenes to give LEGO fans and Harry Potter fans hours of enjoyment.

Harry Potter LEGO Sets are fairly easy to find even if it is a discontinued LEGO Set so collecting Harry Potter LEGOs is not as expensive as it is to collect other LEGO Set themes. If you are a fan of either the Harry Potter series of books or of LEGO Sets than you would certainly enjoy Harry Potter LEGOs.


LEGO Sets are extremely collectible and are by far the most popular building block style toys in the world. The LEGO Group does a fabulous job of keeping LEGO enthusiasts interested by consistently releasing different LEGO sets based on different LEGO themes. LEGO bricks are very durable and LEGO always takes care in making sure that their builds are very sturdy. Rare LEGO Sets can be very sought after.

There are quite a few themes that the LEGO Group has created into LEGO Sets. In this blog, we will focus on a few of the more popular LEGO Sets and how to find them. We will also link to important resources online.